MSI Lodging, LLC

Many businesses rely on employee travel to deliver products and services to their clients; be it Construction, Work Crews, Drivers, Specialists, Corporate Officers, etc. MSI Lodging, LLC works with companies and employees like these to reduce and manage the lodging costs associated with business travel.

MSI contracts with hotels that accommodate your employees based on the needs established by your company. MSI's Contract and Billing managers work closely with your company’s employees to create such a program that is customized strictly for your business. In short, MSI offers Lodging Solutions, Savings, Accountability, and Problem Solving. MSI is in the business of saving your business time and money!

Lodging: With over a million room nights annually MSI offers guaranteed lower rates than the rack rate of any Hotel for your employee’s stay. Reservations through MSI’s 24/7 call center makes it easier to accommodate your company’s employees.

Savings: MSI tracks the lodging usage and expenditures of the employees within your company and will present an invoice to your business with detailed analysis of every monetary transaction, which in turn is a huge time saving device for your business as well as an increase to your bottom line based on the cost savings we are able to provide you.

Accountability: Employee-specific information is maintained by MSI in a complete data file that will follow every penny spent, budget cost centers, and help to identify misuse and prevent fraud.

Problem Solving: The web-based management system that MSI has developed will change the way that your company manages the cost of lodging.